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Future of the Skateboard Park

If you happen to drive by the Police Station on Poppy House Rd. in Rio Vista you will be sure to notice next to the station is the skateboard park.

The park was built in 2002-03 with funds raised from a variety of fundraisers that were put on over the year.  When the fundraising was complete a company in Folsom was contacted that had some used equipment that was perfect to build the Park. They installed the metal equipment and Rio Vista had its first official skate park. As the years went on, additional equipment was installed. The added materials were made from wood, and many different organizations, including the city staff worked on the park.

Due to the weather over the years and the fact the some of the skateboard park is made of wood the equipment is in needs of some major repairs.  The city has spoken to several contractors that do wood repairs at skateboard parks and schools on what the cost would be to repair it.   The estimated amount that was given was between $3,500 to $5000.

The Carpenters Union was also contacted to see if they would be willing to donate their apprenticeship program training to make the repairs.  Some of the Carpenters Union members worked on the Senior Center Project Building renovation program and understand the needs of Rio Vista and their youth in the community.  They have agreed to come out and assess the work that needs to be done.

At the City Council meeting on Tuesday evening, December 16th there will be discussion on what steps to take to the skateboard park (this article was printed before the meeting).

The discussion will include leaving the skateboard park where it is and make the necessary repairs or relocating it to another area. What could also be added is an ATV track,BMX bicycles, community center, dog area, and mountain bike pump park. More updates to follow

Women Veterans Nonprofit Thanks To Rio Vista Community

Since the article in the Beacon on October 22, 2014. about the need of clothing for Women Veterans, everyone that read it wanted to help. Veteran Women return home with fatigues/uniforms and no civilian clothes. During their time of  transitioning into civilian lifestyle there is a need for clothes to wear to job interviews and just everyday life. The response was overwhelmng after the article was printed! “Sowing A Seed Thrift Boutique” would like to thank the Women in Trilogy, city of Rio Vista, “Brand You Consignment” and “Lighthouse Christian Ministries” for really making a difference in the lives of Women Veterans at Mission Solano.  Women’s Clothes were also donated to Women Veterans in Solano, Napa, Contra Costa and Alameda Counties.

The following Women Veterans want to personally Thank You with their own words:

Patti: As a homeless Vietnam era veteran I can hardly begin to tell you how grateful I am to Nevaeh and the women who support her program. Having something nice to wear not only helps me feel better about myself and my situation, it also lets me know that people do care and that we  haven’t been forgotten. I am forever grateful to everyone who have been so generous and improved the quality of my life. Thank you.

Lydia: I am grateful for all the items I have got from Nevaeh. Many clothes that I will be able to wear to interviews and everyday wear too.  She has been a blessing to a lot of women. I want to give thanks for all she does.

Angelique:  When I came to Mission Solano I literally had only the clothes on my back. I feel so fortunate and grateful that Nevaeh and the people who donate to her organization care enough to make sure I have clean, warm clothing.

Jasmine and Heather were not available for comments.  RIO VISTA YOU REALLY SHOWED THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS IS GIVING!  There will always be a need for women’s clothing so please call
Nevaeh (CEO SASTB) 925-667-8900 for donations,, Like Me on Facebook=, Follow Me on Twitter=  LUKE 6:38 Give and it shall be given unto you.

Rio Vista Hotel Owner Makes Proposals to City

City Council Meeting last Tuesday evening, December 2, 2014. Jack Hirsch, owner of the Rio Vista Hotel located on the corner of Main and 2nd Streets proposed that he would like to step up and build apartments on the 2nd and 3rd floors. In doing so there would be a complication with getting the proper permits because of the lack of parking for the new tenants. Hirsch checked around for a solution to the problem and realized that the youth center building was closed and there is nowhere for them to go currently at this time. Hirsch came up with a solution that would help the community of Rio Vista. He is also the owner of the old post office brick building that is next to Galleria Bra Room. The square footage is between 2700-2800 and the electrical and plumbing is about 80% complete. He is proposing to build and prepare a youth center/community center where citizens can hold meetings and events. Make this their home in exchange for the older youth center that has been condemned and that space is needed for parking for the apartments.

The proposed youth center building would be a state-of-the-art, with ADA compliance and will be built to the specs that the community requests. This could be an option for the city per say to basically exchange buildings with the details to be worked out later. One for parking spaces and the other for the youth center.

Then there was a second proposal. If there is another home for the youth center, Hirsch’s company would also make improvements to that building. Then the brick building on Second Street they would finish that out for just the community center for the city to again hold meetings and events. Since this building is empty and needs to be brought up to code, it’s like starting from scratch. His company is willing to do what the city would like to the building. Any of these two proposals with only take 3-4 months to complete.

The old youth center that was located at 225 Montezuma. Downstairs was 2200 sq ft., then roughly 600 sq ft. for storage upstairs. Hirsh’s company would also offer to let the youth center use storage under the hotel. There is 16,000 sq. ft of space under the hotel. When they were redoing it they cleaned out over 16 tons of debris. Council Member Constance Boulware asked “If you were to build the building out what would be the cost to the city? Would it be given to the city for no monthly cost?” Hirsch answered. ” That is whatever the value of the lot is, it will be allocated for free rent for many years. After that time there would be a set price that would be manageable for the community. It would be so many years in advance that you would have time to organize.”

Then the third option was using another location in the hotel for a community center and 45 Main for the youth center. Have either the Chamber of Commerce or another organization schedule the events. At this time Hirsch’s company is willing to upgrade any one or two buildings for the youth center or the community center in exchange for the property the old youth center is sitting on for the apartment parking.

The Point Restaurant Re-Opens

The Point Restaurant is back and will be having its Grand Opening on Saturday December 13th. The Rio Vista icon first opened its doors in 1964 by Jack Baumann, who built the restaurant in 1964. In 1994 Jack’s son and his wife Jim and Vickie Baumann took over the restaurant and they operated it for 18 years until December 2012. The building sat empty for about 8 months and then was reopened in Jan 2014 as Memo’s at The Point. During this time Antonio Gonzalez, owner of Tortilla Flats and Burgerlicous in Rio Vista had his eye on the restaurant. He loved the view, the staple it was in the community and how it was the only restaurant in town on the water. Gonzalez started to talk to the owners back in September 2014, and together they decided that he would be the perfect owner of The Point.

The menu will go back to some of the original items. Prime Rib, Steaks, Chicken, Pasta and Seafood. There will be a full bar with the most amazing views of the Delta. Happy hour, music on the weekends and of course a banquet room that can hold all kinds of events. Even the fog horn is back. Each time a boat leaves the marina or comes in they toot the horn.

Gonzalez is not new to the restaurant business, 22 years ago; he started as a bus boy at Charlie Browns over the years worked himself up to a chef. He also owns a Tortilla Flats in South San Francisco and one in Chico. “I believe in great food, great service and a friendly atmosphere,” he states. The Point’s Garden Room and bar will be open for a while on Saturday December 6th starting at 4:00 pm for the lighted boat parade.

The Point is looking to hire a full staff; waitresses, hostesses, bartenders, chefs and more. If you are interested, please pick up an application at Delta Marina (next door) please no phone calls. The new hours of the restaurant will be Sun-Thurs 10 am -10 pm F-S 10 am-11 pm. If you are interested in scheduling a Holiday event they can be reached at 707-374-5400.

Isleton Father Helps Deliver Son at Home

Rio Vista BeaconAlicia and Dusty Silva of Isleton welcomed their second son Easton on the night of November 21st. This little guy came into the world at home and was delivered by his Dad. There was no time to get to Lodi Memorial Hospital.

About 10 pm on the night of November 21, Alicia started having some cramping. For her this was nothing uncommon since she had, had Braxton Hicks for a few months and technically was in early labor for about 2 weeks. She was already dilated to 3 cm for 2 weeks, but the doctors were not worried.

Earlier that evening she realized the baby hadn’t moved much at all so she started pushing on her stomach to get him to move but it wasn’t normal. At about 10 pm Alicia started having cramps, but didn’t think much of it. Then about 11:20 pm she started contractions, but knew the doctor told her to wait until they were 5 minutes apart for at least 2 hours. They started getting worse than she thought and needed to use the restroom. At 11:30 pm she started yelling for her husband to wake up because she didn’t know what was going on and needed his advice on what they should do. He called his Mom to have back-up to watch their 4 year old son Wyatt. She started pacing and praying that it wasn’t what she thought it was and Dusty came into the kitchen asking if she thought she would make it to the hospital? She wasn’t sure and needed to use the restroom again. Then she reaches down and yelled “I feel a head” and right away sat on the bathroom floor and Dusty said right away that she was already crowning. Alicia did one big push and baby Easton came out and then her water broke after that. She looked up in her hallway and there stood their 4 year old son, the cat and dog all watching. After Dusty finished helping her deliver he called the Solano Dispatch gave them his fire number stated he delivered and needed an ambulance and fire. Fire was first on scene and of course it’s the department, he is captain of. He then got the OB bag and Dusty finished with clamping the cord and cutting it shortly after his Mom got there and took the first pictures. Then the ambulance arrived and on they were to Lodi Memorial. They had delivered Easton Charles Silva on November 22 at 12:05 am. The couple is still in complete shock, and of course can not look at the bathroom the same way again. Baby, Mom, Dad and Wyatt are all doing fine. Congratulations to the Silva Family!

New Quarterly Tourist & Event Guide

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ATOD Bigger and Better. 

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